Trees Knaapen was born in The Netherlands, after secundairy school she got her degree into interdisciplinal art at the Art Academy in Groningen. Following she did an Erasmus study change with the Nuova Accademia Di Belle Arti ( NABA) a Milano. She obtained a master in antique painting techniques at the Higher Institute of Decoration in Kapelle ( Belgio), among others the fresco technique. Since more than 10 years she is working and living in Italy.

Ennia Visentin was born in Pordenone in Italy, after her secundairy school she specialized in antique techniques of decoration and since several years she works in decorating and restoring wallpaintings. Since 1996 she teaches decorative art and “trompe l'oeil” for artistic-architectonical restoration classes and training-specialization courses for decorators at: Professional Institute “ESMEA” (Udine) “Free
Accademy of Cividale” (Cividale-Ud), Craftsmen's Association (Treviso, Asolo e
Montebelluna) – Craftsmen’s Association (Pordenone) – Nuova Koprik, Loreggia (Padova),
KeimFarben, (Diedorf/Germania Italian seat in Bolzano), Decom, Costa Volpino
(Bergamo), “Venice European Centre for the Trades and Professions of the Conservation
of Architectural Heritage” Island of San Servolo (Venice and Villa Fabris Thiene, Vicenza).
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