Technics and expression in the Scuola dai Rosch

  In one of the most unknown areas of Italy, Trees Knaapen organizes painting workshops for everybody who wants to develop himself in the art of painting. The courses varies from an examination of several materials and techniques to a self–research for form and color.
Together with the teachers, who are specialized in teaching in their specific area of painting art, the workshop offers a completely organized holiday–study where everybody will be helped in a personal way in his own creative shaping.
During the cosy lunches in the garden of Scuola dei Rosch, local refreshments will be offered and we will tell you more of the wines of this region. These “gastronomic tastings” can be continued during the evening in one of the several trattorias that the area offers.
The area offers enough possibilities to visit art and taste culture for the non–partecipant partners. Furthermore mountain sports can be practiced in the surroundings of the Scuola di Rosch.
VIlla Rosch Spilimbergo, la location del corso
Facciata affrescata del Castello di Spilimbergo
Pigmenti pittura d'affresco
Facciata affrescata del Castello di Spilimbergo
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